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Getting Started

DemosCAD is not very demanding in terms of disk space and RAM, but since the software is used together with AutoCAD, it is recommended that your PC has at least all the requirements of the version of AutoCAD you are using. The disk space required for installation of the desktop version of DemosCAD is 17GB.

What is DemosCAD all about?

DemosCAD is your how-to software  if all you want is to become an expert in design using Autodesk AutoCAD.

For professions that cut across engineering, manufacturing, architecture, building and construction industries, it is very hard to secure your first job if you are not proficient in AutoCAD.

If you have just acquired DemosCAD, then you will notice it has a similar interface with AutoCAD.

The two diagrams below show the top part of both interfaces as labeled in the captions. The Menu bar is the one that starts with File menu from the left, while the ribbon below it starts with the Home tab. When DemosCAD is launched, the Home tab is already open by default. It has very many icons. Each icon represents a tool that performs a certain function in AutoCAD.