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Imagine jumping out of an aircraft 4 or 5 kilometres above the ground with a parachute. What a feeling! I have never done it but I know it requires courage. In what form is the parachute as you jump off from the aircraft?

Deploying the Parachute

Even if you don’t have an idea, at least you don’t expect it to be open while in the aircraft anyway.The parachute is tightly folded like a back-pack bag.  It takes a little knowledge in Physics, to realize that it is useless in this form. You have to press some button to trigger it to deploy in order for it to enable you to float on the air, otherwise you will be on a free fall, just like a stone.

A Faulty Parachute

Even for the best manufacturer of things like parachutes,

According to a recent Ofsted report on the teaching of design and technology, it was noted that many subject teachers are failing to keep pace with global technological advances hence making little use of modern technology. It was also noted that design subjects were taught particularly well in schools that capitalized on the use of up-to-date ICT and other modern technologies.